Ahhh… YES! Feeling zentastic after a ZHA Massage!

 Welcome to ZenGate Healing Arts!

This is the home of Annie Van Zeyl, massage therapist extraordinaire and ZenMomma enthusiast.  Located in the heart of downtown Elmhurst, IL  providing stress-reduction, pain management & wellness experiences to the most tired and stressed-out  career professionals, moms with kids of all ages and individuals with medical conditions.

There are many different types of zen, and each person’s definition and meaning of being in a “zen” state of mind and body may vary. It is because of this that ZenGate Healing Arts offers a variety of different modalities and massage style options to appeal to each person in a customized way.

 Specializing in Pregnancy Massage

Pregnant Belly & Hands

ZenMomma Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

Annie Van Zeyl is a pregnancy specialist in Elmhurst, Illinois. Hundreds of ZenMommas have entrusted their bodies to Annie for pain relief, discomfort, zoning out from anxieties and stress, and preparing for labor. After the baby is born, Annie continues to help her clients transition into motherhood through the ZenMomma philosophy – taking care of moms and helping them find zen in their new world as mothers.

From “normal” pregnancies to more complicated ones, Annie is prepared to put her skills to work for you as your body changes and moves through the phases of ZenMomma-hood.