Infant Massage

Ready to help your baby feel better, sleep better & poop better?!​

Infant massage provides many opportunities to get to know your baby better.  It helps the baby with relaxation and sleep, facilitates body awareness through sensory stimulation, aids digestion and elimination, improves blood circulation and balances respiration.
Experiencing massage with your baby will give you tools to use throughout the first year and beyond.

Our classes that compose Infant Massage will emphasize the importance of several key elements:

  • Understanding your baby’s behavioral modes and cues
  • Respecting your baby’s moods and the messages they give you
  • Creating the right conditions for a successful massage experience
  • Communicating through massage and the elements of bonding
In each class there will be practical instructions on different areas of your baby’s body and explanatory hand-outs to support practice at home. Parents/caregivers will learn how to adapt massage to the growing child.   It is an opportunity to develop confidence in comforting and soothing your baby while continuing to build a loving and lasting connection.
In each class parents will learn…
  • Simple and effective massage techniques from Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Traditional Indian Massage
  • A special massage to relieve gas and colic
  • Understanding the pre-verbal cues from the baby
  • Relaxation techniques, for both you and baby
  • How to adapt your massage as your child grows
Ready to schedule your ZenBaby! Please email, or request an appointment here. Classes are 30minutes – 1 hour long as we work around diaper changes and feedings.