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Feel like the luckiest person alive!

🍀May Lucky Synergy brighten your day, and its magical aroma show you the way. May good fortune await around every bend, and may your lucky streak never end.🍀
Plant Therapy’s Lucky Synergy will make you feel like the luckiest person alive! This bright, clean, citrusy blend has a hint of mint that will put a spring in your step and brighten your day.
Diffuse Lucky Synergy and the magical aroma will freshen a room, enlighten your spirit, and give you a feeling of confidence and motivation.

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🍀 This bright, clean, citrusy blend has a hint of mint that will put a spring in your step and brighten your day.🍀


✨ZennaBliss Massage ✨

✨It is official! ✨our newest massage, #ZennaBliss, A cannabis infused #massage is now at ZenGate Healing Arts!

✨It is official! ✨ ZenGate Healing Arts in Elmhurst Illinois newest massage is… #ZennaBliss! A cannabis infused massage with a high amounts of CBD oil at 100mg per ounce. Four lovely aromas to choose from energizing, relieving, relaxing and stimulating. Developed with chronic pain in mind, penetrates deeply into the muscle while providing an extended relief time.
ZennaBliss is a cannabis infused massage with Nature’s Root Sore Muscle Body Oil CBD 100 is all natural and all organic with 100mg of CBD per one ounce bottles. Created with chronic pain and therapeutic work in mind. It has a tremendous glide to it and quickly absorbs into the skin.

ZennaBliss has four aromatherapy  blends to choose from:
Relieving camphor 
Relaxing chamomile & lavender
Stimulating  basil & eucalyptus
Energizing citrus

Our ZennaBliss Massage with Nature Root’s Sore Muscle Body Oil CBD 100 provides the necessary properties to relieve pain &  reduce inflammation. 
CBD is a non-psychoactive, inherent property of the hemp plant, recognized for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Used in our ZennaBliss Massage  for a deeper sense of relaxation, extended relief time and deeper muscle penetration. It works especially well for those individuals battling chronic pain, arthritis, nerve damage, and the sort.
Upon arrival, you will receive your own bottle of Nature’s Root Sore Muscle Body Oil (choice of 4 aromas) to take to your treatment room. What is not used during your session, will be our gift to you to take home.
Reserve your ZennaBliss Massage Now!

12 Days of Zen Day 9

12 Days of Zen Day 9

On the 9th day of ‘zenmas’ my Massage Therapist gave to me… 20 % OFF all in-stock Auriculotherapy Earseed Kits! Now until Christmas EVE purchase any in-stock earseed kit and receive 20% OFF! Mention 12 days of Zen for discount!

12 Days of Zen

We have zentastic daily deals & wellness tips coming  to you starting Monday December 4th – December 15th 2017! We have collaborated with local artisans at Judith B Salon, nV Skin & Brow Bar & MeganDownTheRabbitHole to offer wellness treats & tips that are perfect for giving and receiving!
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To purchase visit Judith B Salon 263 N. York St. Elmhurst IL or call (630) 359-3680
Day 3 – December 6th – FREE printable!!! A to Zen of Life! 
Day 4 – December 7th – 60-minute Zenergy Healing Reiki for $59.00! PURCHASE NOW!
Day 5 – December 8th – The Five Reiki Principles Printout- Our Gift to You!
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Day 7 – December 10th – 1-hour Infant Massage Class for only $35 ($50 Value)
Day 8 – December 11th – Megandowntherabbithole Print Sale!
Day 9 – December 12th – ZenGate Earseed Kits 20% Off
Day 10 – December 13th – Purchase a 90-minute Prenatal massage for the price of a 60-minute session!
Day 11 – December 14th – Nv Skin & Brow Bar – Glow for the Holidays Facial 
Day 12 – December 15th – Coming Soon!

Offers may have restrictions and available for a limited time during its daily deal.  Discounts are not valid with any other coupons or offers. Discount does not apply to gift certificates (unless stated), shipping, or sales tax. ZenGate Healing Arts, Judith B Salon, nV Skin & Brow Bar & MeganDownTheRabbitHole reserve the exclusive right to cancel and/or change this promotion at any time. Available while supplies last. No rainchecks.

5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays



Small cheer and great welcome- Shakespeare

The holidays are kinda weird. For all the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ jingles, it’s also the toughest for many people. Some people over-commit to family, friends, volunteer tasks and find themselves over scheduled and unable to actually enjoy the season. Some of us dread the inevitable, obligatory socializing and the pressure of being ‘on’. Some of us are grieving.

So here are a few less-typical Holiday Survival Tips. Some of them are brilliant. Some of them are not. But maybe you’ll find a nugget in here.

Number 1: Ditch obligations
Just because you’ve always gone to Aunt Sue’s for Christmas Eve doesn’t mean you always have to. You can stop going.

Say, “I’m starting a new tradition this year, I’m really looking forward to cooking with my kids and having a quiet family night.” Then set up another time to visit Aunt Sue when you’ll actually be able to visit her, instead of just a hug between appetizers while stuffed into a small house with 30 loud relatives.

Number 2: Reframe obligations
When I hear people complain about all the ‘stuff’ they have to do, I usually say, “Dude. Stop doing it.” The typical reply is, “Oh, but I really like having 37 different types of cookies and seeing all my 3rd cousins!” Cool. I can respect that. But stop looking at (and speaking of) the tasks and events like chores.

This isn’t a martyr contest. Nobody gives a darn that Betty SUV Soccer Mom makes her bundt cake from scratch and you use a mix. Except Betty, and that’s her issue. Do stuff because you want to, because it brings you joy. And quit doing the stuff you don’t want to do.

Number 3: Stick with the people who warm your soul
Some of us are not close with our families. For many, many people, family relationships are rarely nourishing and often painful. We’ve built friendships that stand in for the sibling and parental relationships that will simply never be fulfilling.

So why feel obligated to spend a holiday with anyone other than those who bring us joy and unconditional love? Create a holiday plan with the people you most enjoy and cherish. or at the very least, an escape plan to unwind with the people who will let you vent after a stressful family interaction.

Number 4: Step back from the gift-giving (and receiving) or just change it dramatically
Do you really want another gift set of oven mitts or perfumey bath gel and body lotion? Do you really want to be giving that to someone else? Blech. Maybe it’s time to reexamine your gift-giving habits. Instead of exchanging gifts with your adult friends and family, can you decide to spend that money having a great dinner together in January?

If you feel really attached to giving a tangible object, can you simplify the process? Find one universal gft, and give it to all your people. A jar of local honey from you favorite apiary, a holiday ornament purchased from a local charity.

Number 5: Rethink your assumptions
Just because you’ve always done the holidays a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing that. It’s all a choice. Sometimes you don’t even need to change the pattern, just recognizing that it’s a choice is enough.

What changes have you made to improve your holiday season? Help a sister out and share in the comments!

Wishing you a happy, merry, joyous whatever-you-celebrate. I hope you get exactly the holiday you want (and deserve).


Reduce Pregnancy Pain

ZenGatePreggo4 copyPrenatal Massage can help ZenMommas find relief from the pregnancy pains along with many other benefits that help create ease & joy while nurturing a child within.  Pregnancy Pain can be debilitating! From round ligament pain, sciatica, carpel tunnel, itchy skin, leg cramps and hormonal changes, no wonder pregnant women are looking for ways to relieve the aches & pains to fall in love with their pregnancy.  At ZenGate Healing Arts, Annie Van Zeyl, LMT is Elmhurst, IL Pre/Post-Natal & Infant Massage Specialist.  Offering a variety of services catering for all trimesters in pregnancy.

Annie is a 2005″ Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist” by Peg Johnson, RN from the formally known Wellness & Massage Training Institute, Woodridge, IL.  Undergoing an advanced certification level program in massage for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Annie’s advanced prenatal education has helped improve the level of health of the expectant and postpartum woman for over 10 years. Whether it’s an opportunity to simply unplug and relax during this special time, or reduce pain and discomfort related to the changes your body is currently going through, a prenatal massage session with Annie is guaranteed to improve your overall health & wellness.

 Have more questions about massage therapy for pregnancy and postpartum? Call Annie @ (630) 935-0171 or send her an email. She is more than happy to answer any questions!

Holiday Greetings!

WINTER SPECIALSregifted or returned 




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Candy Cane Peppymint Massage with Dry Brushing Exfoliation & Foot Scrub

December Specials are valid until 12/31/14.

By appointment only
Monday – Saturday

december newsletter 2014Happy December!

As winter has quickly approached us, Hanukkah a couple days away and with Christmas less then 2 weeks,  I am sure your schedules are hectic! Not to mention, dry skin, stress and muscle tension!  Luckily at ZenGate Healing Arts, I am ready to take on those aches and pains from the stress, mean-muggin shoppers and the changes in your skin.  The Studio is all set up with a cool mist humidifier for your breathing comfort, cozy flannel sheets & a warm massage table to rest on.The Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub & add-on service was a hit! I still have a few scrubs left and will continue to offer that blend (while supplies last) for the winter months! For more selection- I have created a new blend, The Candy Cane Peppymint!  Shake the hustle and bustle  by enjoying an uplifting blend of peppermint, spearmint, sweet orange and vanilla mixed with grape-seed oil for deep hydration… Oh My!   These essential oils will leave you energized and uplifted for happy holidays!  The Candy Cane Peppymint can be used during your session or during an add-on special, foot scrub? Anyone? :-)Of course, with the end of the year approaching and all of the wonderful Holidays I have some awesome specials for you! From gift certificate discounts and even bonus sessions with massage packages.  Last, but not least, ZenGate Healing Arts is finally on Yelp! I want to thank everyone who has helped spread the word and for the wonderful reviews! They mean the world to me.

My commitment is always to continue learning and to heighten the level of improvement you achieve during your ZenGate Healing Arts sessions.

In health & wellness ~

Stay Calm and Pumpkin Spice Everything!

Find delight & bliss this season with our zenlicious blend of pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg spices. Our Pumpkin Spice Seasonal Treatment Enhance will relax your senses and allow you to feel the love this season.  With the use of Pumpkin Spice Essential Oils massaged into the body, two hot-stones on the back, Pumpkin Spice Butter Cream  for the hands and Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub on the feet followed with hot towels for lasting moisture. Add-On this enhancement to any service for only $10. www.zengatehealingarts.com. 

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, with Heated Stones will Soothe my Muscles and Warm my Bones! NEW seasonal Add-on for only $10! — at Zengate Healing Arts.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, with Heated Stones will Soothe my Muscles and Warm my Bones!

Finding Zen is More Achievable Than You Think

your path to zenFinding Zen is More Achievable Than You Think

Several times a year I ask my clients and facebook fans, “What does Zen mean to you?” Their numerous answers are very creative and in this complexity, they also sound unattainable. Is it really so complicated to find Zen amidst the chaos of your life?

The thing is, everyday everyone is achieving Zen. (Yes! That means you!) Finding Zen doesn’t have to be something for which you yearn on bad days, it can be there from the start helping you through your bad day, or even better yet, helping you enjoy a good day!

Basically, you don’t have to be amidst chaos to find zen, even though this is often times when we realize we need it. Learn how to find zen everyday. I have provided 3 simple steps to get you on a path.

1.) Give your body a routine- yes, you heard me. Try to go to sleep and wake up around the same time. Having a regular sleep cycle will help your body develop a natural alarm clock.
2.) Upon waking, skip the snooze button. Instead of using those 5-10 minutes for interrupted sleep, use them to stretch or meditate. Once that alarm clock rings again, you really will be able to start your day rather than wishing for yet another 7 minutes of shut-eye.
3.) Start your day with a cup of water, better yet, squeeze a little lemon in it and sip it.

As a massage therapist, I offer moments of Zen every day- helping a client reduce pain, go into a deep REM cycle, reduce muscle tension, and find a feeling of safety. Zen doesn’t have to be unattainable, so long you choose simple regular steps to attain it. What is your moment of Zen?


Annie Van Zeyl, LMTAnnie Van Zeyl is a Licensed Massage Therapist who loves working with the most stressed out career professionals, moms with kids of all ages and individuals with medical conditions.  Annie uses an integrated approach of massage therapy, guided meditation, chakra balancing and energy work to help reduce stress, anxiety & muscle tension in her sessions for improving the overall well-being. She is the owner of ZenGate Healing Arts and can be reached at annie@zengatehealingarts.com and zengatehealingarts.com.