Certified ZenMomma Massage | Prenatal Massage


ZenMomma Prenatal Massage utilizes a comfortable, supported side-lying & semi-reclining positions to avoid undue pressure on a growing abdomen and the lower back.
ZenMommas are completely secured with pillows- keeping the hip, knee and ankle in alignment to avoid strain on the sacroiliac joint and to maximize blood and lymph circulation.
An integration of the following techniques will be used:

~ Calming Swedish massage strokes for deep muscle relaxation
~ Deep Tissue work in the hip & gluteal area to alleviate low back & hip pain
~ Gentle abdominal massage for round ligament pain, digestion, increase circulation to placenta & baby
~ Lymph drainage stroke to reduce pregnancy induced edema
~ Cranialsacral & Energy work to help assist the physical, psychological, emotional, & spiritual centering
~ Acupressure and reflexology techniques show to be effective in treating many common pregnancy related complaints

60-minutes $85  | 90-minutes $115

Annie Van Zeyl, LMT is a local mom, certified prenatal massage therapist and owner of ZenGate Healing Arts. Underwent an advanced certification level program in massage for pregnancy, labor and postpartum in 2005 by Peg Johnson, RN from the formally known Wellness & Massage Training Institute, Woodridge, IL.

Annie’s advanced prenatal education has helped improve the level of health of the expectant and postpartum woman for over 10 years. Whether it’s an opportunity to simply unplug and relax during this special time, or reduce pain and discomfort related to the changes your body is currently going through, a prenatal massage session with Annie is guaranteed to improve your overall health & wellness.

Have more questions about massage therapy for pregnancy and postpartum?
Call Annie @ (630) 935-0171 or send her an email. She is more than happy to answer any questions!